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                              Atlantic Christian School

                              Where character, Christ, and community count!
                              • ENROLLING NOW FOR FALL

                                Openings available from PreK1 to the 12th Grade. Make an appointment or stop in any Wednesday this summer from 9 am-4 pm to meet our Admissions staff and take a tour. Contact Mrs. Martin at 653-1199 ext. 314 or jmartin@acseht.org.

                                TO APPLY
                              • BEST OF THE PRESS

                                ACS has been nominated for TWO Best of the Press 2019 Readers Choice Awards -- "Best Child Daycare Center" and "Best Summer Camp." Vote for ACS from June 30 to July 14 and help us win a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award. Look under the "Services" category. Every vote counts!

                                CLICK HERE TO VOTE
                              • COMMUNITY YARD SALE

                                Shop and save at our 5th Annual giant Community Yard Sale featuring at least two dozen vendors. Something for everyone -- furniture, housewares, jewelry, toys, tools, baby to adult clothing, and more. Food and drinks for sale as well. Contact Mrs. Martin at jmartin@acseht.org for more info.

                              • SUMMER CAMPS

                                Registration is now open for ACS Summer Programs - Cougar Camp (Grades 1-6) & Under the Sea (Ages 3-5)

                              • THE VALUE OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION

                                Watch & listen as Kirk Cameron shares his faith with our students and explains the value of Christian Education at the 2019 Legacy Gala.

                                Watch Video
                              • INSPIRED

                                At ACS we are creating a community of students who are trained in the knowledge of God's love and inspired to put that love into action. Experience the ACS difference! Schedule a tour today or learn more by watching our virtual tour.

                                Watch Virtual Tour
                              • EQUIPPED

                                Our students leave ACS equipped with the tools they will need for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. To hear student testimonials, watch the video below.

                                Play Video
                              • ROOTED

                                An ACS education is rooted in the deep and meaningful lessons of truth revealed in God's Word. Our focus in the classroom, on the ball field, performing on stage, or serving in the community is to do everything for the glory of God, for He is our audience of one.

                                PLAY VIDEO
                              • COMMISSIONED

                                At ACS we teach students the importance of serving others and give them opportunities to participate in missions outreach throughout the year. Watch the video below to hear our students talk about the impact of missions trips on their lives.

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                              • GIFTED

                                Through sports, band, choir, and other extra-curricular activities, ACS students are able to develop their God-given gifts and talents.

                              • QUALIFIED

                                Our highly qualified staff at ACS are passionate about teaching and prepare our students to excel academically and to seek God's purpose for their lives. To hear testimonies from our faculty and staff, watch the video below.

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                              • TRANSFORMED

                                ACS is a place where God's love is taking root and students are being transformed into young men and women of strong Christian character. To listen to student testimonies, watch the video below.

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                                About Us

                                Atlantic Christian School is in its 48th year of providing a quality, co-educational program for the youth in South Jersey. As a private school, Atlantic Christian is independent and non-denominational, with an average of 450 students from 6 months to the 12th grade who attend over 90 churches throughout southern New Jersey. At Atlantic Christian, our goal is to develop students who have hearts that love God, love people, and want to transform the world.? This is the essence of a quality, Christian education. Come visit and experience what makes Atlantic Christian School one of the best private schools in New Jersey. Click here to schedule your visit.

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